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Dr. Michalis Barkoulas

Principal Investigator

Michalis completed his PhD at the University of Oxford working on plant developmental genetics. He was introduced to C. elegans research while being a post-doc at the Félix lab in Paris.  He started his own group at Imperial Life Sciences in 2014. 

Alicja Brozek

PhD student

Alicja did her Bsc at Imperial in Biochemistry with a year of research abroad at ETH Zurich. After her MRes in systems and synthetic biology at Imperial she joined as a PhD student in October 2020.

Dr. Mark Hintze


Mark joined the lab in January 2018 after completing a PhD on chick placode induction at King's college London.


Dr. Manish Grover


Manish joined the group in January 2018 from ENS Lyon, where he worked on development and aging using C. elegans as a model. His PhD was focused on host-pathogen interactions in malaria. 

Dimitris Katsanos

PhD student

Dimitris completed his first degree in Greece and then took the MRes in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at Imperial. He worked as a research assistant in the lab for one year before starting his PhD in October 2016. He completed his PhD in 2020 and now works as a post-doc in the lab 

Florence Drury

PhD student

Florence completed a BSc in Biology and an MRes in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at Imperial. She joined the group as a PhD student in October 2018.

Illuminated Rock

Mar Ferrando Marco

PhD student

Mar completed a BSc in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at University of Valencia and an MRes Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at Imperial. She joined the group as a PhD student in October 2020.

Kenneth Liu

PhD student

Ken studied Biological Sciences at Imperial with a year of research in the industry. He joined the lab in October 2020 as a PhD student.

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining the lab


Lab alumni

We host and train a number of students every year coming from Imperial College or other universities.  

Thank you everyone for your contributions and please keep in touch !


Post-docs (PD) / Research Technicians (RT) / Undergraduate students (UG) / Postgraduate students (PG) / Visitors and Interns (VI)

PhD students:

Sneha Koneru

Guled Ali Osman

Iqrah Razzaq (RT)

Rito Ghose (RT, UG, VI)

Lamia Mestek-Boukhibar (PD)

Sophie Gilbert (PD)

Fangzi Zha (PG, VI)

Ziqi Lu (VI)

Mingke Pan (UG, PG)

Jia Woo (UG, VI)

Fu Xiang Quah (UG)

Amy Salter (UG)

Stephanie Norwood (UG)

Julia Spindel (UG)

Eric Rutten (UG)

Milena Pavlickova (UG)

Emily Read (UG)

Ioanna Morianou (UG)

Sara Curcio Lamas (UG)

Gemma Pitotti (UG)

Vivian Feng (UG)

Diane Cheng (UG)

Xinyu Wang (UG)

Ashley Stearn (UG)

Cera Mai (UG, PG)

Gauri Saini (UG)

James Philpott (UG)

Jasmine Ho (UG)

Pablo Carbajal Martin (UG)

Yuanzhi Wang (PG)

Nneka Nhadi (PG)

Munan Du (PG)

Kyros Kyrou (PG)

Pete Taylor (PG)

Judy Ghalayini (PG)

Maximus Rex (PG)

Nefeli Skoufou Papoutsaki (PG)

SoYoung Jo (PG)

Xenia Karlsson (PG)

Maximilien Biguet (PG)

Mahmood Al-Hinai (PG)

Lin Luo (PG)

Lingkun Li (PG)

Kai Ren (PG)

Harry Evers (PG)

Ming Yi (PG)

Yifan Zhao (VI)

Harriet Oliver (VI)

Julien Lambert (VI)

Alexander Steamers (VI)

Christos Nicolaou (VI)

Davin Lee (VI)

Sodai Lotharukpong (VI)

Rui Huang (VI)

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